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Heated Huggie Buddy $79.00 - $69.00
The warmth and comfort it brings makes the Heated Huggie Buddy your best winter companion!

Heated Huggie Buddy

  • Unbelievably soft and cozy, Huggie Buddy is the perfect lounging around blanket.
  • The built-in sleeves allow you to read, flip the TV remote and move freely while staying snug and warm.
  • One size fits all in 3 colors: dark brown, pink and ivory.
  • Our +Venture heated items feature the latest in battery and heating technology, enabling you to create your personal micro-climate.
Only : $69.00


Huggie Buddy takes the usual warmth and comfort you love about your blanket at home and kicks it up a notch. It takes coziness to new heights with its virtually undetectable heating elements. Its built-in sleeves allow you to use your hands while you are snuggly bundled up. Enjoy it while you lounge around, watch TV or read your favorite book. Use it as a regular blanket or plug it in for an additional boost of warmth. With Huggie Buddy, the first and only heated blanket, say goodbye to cold days and chilly nights.


  • Lounging Around
  • Watching TV
  • Reading
  • Using the laptop
  • Sleeping


Dark Brown

Create Your Own Micro-Climate
Choose the ideal heat intensity for you with the
4 Setting Temperature Controller that comes with the blanket. With a touch of a button, you may select from low, medium, high and max settings. Create your own micro-climate for your utmost comfort.

Improves Your Circulation for a Warming Sensation
The thin and flexible heating elements of the blanket are strategically located at the chest area, near the front pocket (allowing you to place your hands inside for warmth) to create the most effective heating performance. This will improve your blood circulation, thereby spreading warmth and comfort to your upper body.

Provides Incredible Comfort and Warmth
You won’t be able to help snuggling to the heated blanket because of its incredibly soft material and the even, comforting warmth that it emits. It is the perfect indoor companion on a cold winter’s day.

Place your hands inside the front
pocket for additional comfort.
The soft and cozy fabric is ideal
for snuggling.
The 4-setting temperature controller allows you to choose the perfect heat intensity.



 Heated Huggie Buddy Product Specification
Function Heated Huggie Buddy blanket
Heating System Xtreme Comfort Technology Heating System
Heating Location single zone: behind the front pocket
Heating Panels Hair thin, micro alloy heating elements, no coils
Heating Time as long as it is plugged and powered on
Power Source 110 / 220V AC/DC
Fabric Fleece
Color Brown, Ivory and Pink
Heating Temp 132 F (Max)
Temp Controller Low, Med, High, Max
Additional Features Built-in 30-minute timer
Certification CE, UL, RHOS
Warranty 1 Year Limited for Apparel



Heated Huggie Buddy Heat Settings Chart

Settings / LED Status Average Temp F°
Low/Green 100º
Medium/Yellow ** 110º
High/Red 125º
Max/Blue 132º

12 Months Limited Product Warranty

Our commitment to you is to provide you with maximum customer satisfaction through a 12-month limited product warranty. This product is free from any fabric, workmanship, wiring and heating element manufacturer's defect under normal and customary use. To know more about the limited product warranty details, click here..